Yagi design program for vhf/uhf

This Javascript calculator will calculate dimensions for a horizontal or vertical yagi. It outputs x,y,z coordinates in mm, for use in optimization programs like EZNEC and YO. Please report bugs or errors to orrin.winton at gmail.com.

Also note that this program does not give you the tools to design a feedpoint balun. Hint: one kind of balun for matching is a simple half-wave coaxial balun.

Enter frequency in MHz (first box), number of elements (2nd box), height above ground IN METERS (3rd box), and type horizontal or vertical (all lower case) for the polarization, then hit 'calculate.' For a new antenna, or to change values, be sure to hit CLEAR and start from scratch.

frequency in MHz: no. of elements: height above ground in meters:
horizontal or vertical: