Fun Encryption

This fun little encryption toy does the following: you type in an identifying name (anything, no spaces) (any made-up name) and a message number to identify your material, type in your text, and then type in a key or password (which becomes the encryption key). Then a PHP program encrypts your text. The encrypted text (but not your password) are stored here on the server in a database. (I found that, if I simply printed out the encrypted text on a webpage, then copied it and fed it back into the program to decrypt it, the encrypted text gets corrupted. Possibly some of the encrypted characters are unprintable ascii characters. Not sure. So the encrypted text is stored for you in my MySQL database. Every so often I'll flush the database. This is a toy, so don't type in anything important.)


Don't forget to jot down the identifying name, the exact message number, and your key. The KEY can be like the one given as an example, or can be a simple word. ... You can only retrieve exactly one message at a time, and it has to be specified by message number. If you have two messages with the same NAME and MESSAGE NUMBER, you probably will get the last message and won't be able to retrieve the first one.

Identifying name (all lower case, max 20 chars, please):

Give the message an identifying number (max 5 digits):

Text to be Encrypted (750 characters max):
Do not use a carriage-return, apostrophe, or quotes. They will get turned into the letter A.

Encryption key or password(limit please to 20 chars max; example: fec229bc7 or anything similar):


Identifying name:

Identifying number:

Encryption key: